Dual Sided RFPM - changing the electric motor landscape


Rare Earth PM Motor

Neodymium based DS-RFPM motors offer superior torque and power density at reduced costs compared to traditional  RFPM motors

Rare Earth Free PM Motor

Ferrite based DS-RFPM motors offer improved performance at similar cost to induction motors



Optimized for your application 
Optimized for your application 

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Electric Motorbikes & Motorcycles


Every application is unique, so are EVR motor designs.

EVR designs motors to meet every customer’s specific requirements. Our motors  can be designed to optimize for your specific performance, weight, volume and cost requirements. 

We partner with Tier 1 manufacturers and OEMs throughout the whole process, from prototyping to manufacturing preparation.


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We are looking for talented innovators to join our team.

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A team of innovators, business leaders and engineering experts. With years of experience in solving some of the world’s (and some that go beyond it) difficult problems.


Our forward-thinking approach to engineering and problem solving has led us to creating benchmarking motors that will make EVs more effective and accessible.



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7, Baltimore St. | P.O.B. 3751

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